August 21, 2015

Data privacy & EULA

SuperFriends respects your privacy.

Therefore we have taken a number of specific actions to ensure your data is safe.

  • Your SuperFriends book data is stored only on your personal device. It is not stored on any SuperFriends server.
  • When filling out an invite from your friend, your data is stored on your personal device until you decide it is time to send it to your friend. Because such a large amount of data can’t be emailed to your friend, it is temporarily stored in a very secure way on our server until your friend picks it up. After your friend has downloaded your data, we immediately remove your data from our server.
  • The data that you send to SuperFriends is stored in the most secure way. It can only be accessed by you and your friend. Not even SuperFriends can read your data !!
    This is done by a technique called RSA encryption, a technique which is also used by banks to secure your money. Super safe, isn’t it ?
  • All communication from your device to our server is done via secure channels like HTTPS.
  • We don’t allow children to send personal data. We use knowledge based authentication (KBA) combined with a pincode to make sure only parents can send data.
  • And last but not least we have a parental control module where parents can review the data being sent or received. If you see or hear anything in the SuperFriends book you don’t like, you can just hide or delete it.

Still got questions ? Please read our SuperFriends Privacy Policy v1.0.

You read our Privacy Policy and you still have questions ? Contact us at

Please also read our SuperFriends EULA v1.0