August 20, 2015


You received a SuperFriends invitation?

» great, your friend wants you to sign his/her SuperFriends book
» quite an honour
» just install the app
» and follow these simple steps

install the app

click here to install SuperFriends
on your iPad
for an Android tablet or smartphone,
click here


start the app

» press the button “I have an invitation”
» and enter the code as shown on your invitation

sign your friend’s book

» answer questions about yourself
» shoot some videos
» make funny voice recordings
» draw something beautiful
» and so much more …

send it to your friend

» when you have finished signing the book
» ask your parents to review it
» and send it to your friend
» simple, isn’t it ?

but don’t stop there

» once you have signed your friend’s book
» you can have your own friendship book
» and invite all your friends
» to sign a page in your SuperFriends book