August 21, 2015

How to use SuperFriends?

SuperFriends is a multi-media friendship book for children age 3 and older.
With SuperFriends you can invite all your friends to sign your book. ┬áSounds like fun, isn’t it?

There are 2 ways to use SuperFriends


The first way is when you receive an invitation from one of your friends


Great, one of your friends wants you to sign his/her friendship book.

You can answer some questions
shoot a little video
make a nice drawing
take some pictures
record a song and much more.
And when you have finished, you can send it all to your friend.


The second way is to create your own friendship book.


This is even better.
First sign your own friendship book and then invite all your friends to sign your book.
You can read all your friends stories, watch their videos and pictures, or listen their audio recordings they created, especially for you.
You will love it.


Start enjoying all your friends in your SuperFriends friendship book